Why You Should Partner with Micro-Influencers

It is important to know that there are a wide range of influencers out there. Not all influencers need to have millions of followers to be successful and desired, there are something called micro-influencers who can be just as beneficial, maybe even more, for your brand. Micro influencers have a range of 10K-50K followers. Keep reading to find out why you should choose a micro influencer for your next campaign.

Highly Engaged

It is likely that with their non overwhelming amount of followers, they are highly and genuinely engaged with them. They likely have time to respond to comments and DMs, creating a strong relationship with their followers. When they have a good relationship, followers are more likely to take influencers advice on promoted products. 

High Conversion

It has been found on, that micro influencers have 22x more sales conversions than other influencers. It comes down to the genuine relationship the influencers have with their followers. This also means the followers have loyalty and will take recommendations seriously.

Easy to Contact

With their medium following, the influencer’s DM’s aren’t flooded with thousands of overwhelming collaboration requests and messages from fans, it is more likely that they will see and respond to your message for partnership. Especially if you are contacting them through, the request will go right to their inbox. These influencers are always looking for opportunities to grow and will be excited and enthusiastic about your request.

High Energy

Because of their growing following, they are likely just entering the influencing world and are not jaded by it. They also definitely have the time to put great effort into the campaign, as this might be one of their first impressions in the industry. 


These influencers asks for a lower price than influencers with millions of followers, and will not break your company’s marketing budget while still being able to get a lot out of it. It will be worth it to contact these influencers for your campaigns!

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