Startell’s Unique Influencer Marketing

With the way consumers rapidly interact with content, there is no time to waste with ineffective marketing initiatives. Influencer marketing is the future of marketing and is a rapidly growing industry. The influencer marketing industry will be worth 15 billion by 2022. That’s a huge growth rate and something all brands and influencers should be a part of.

Startell is an influencer marketing platform that contains thousands of influencers ready to be paired with your brand for new marketing initiatives. In the growing industry, there are a lot of growing companies but none like Startell. This is what sets us apart.

Our Platform

Our platform contains everything you need in order to create a successful influencer marketing campaign. Browse thousands of influencers across all verticals. Filter influencers to narrow down your search. Pick influencers with the most relevant engagement for your campaign. Contact influencers right through our platform to get them involved.

Our Database

The beautiful layout of our database lets you search and scroll through thousands of influencers who are ready for campaigns. Use our filter tools to find exactly the right one you are looking for. Filter by interest and industry, follower amount, follower demographic, country of origin, and engagement rate. Get your results in seconds in order to contact them and get them on board.

Analyze Profiles

Once you have found the right influencers, to make sure they will be most effective and reach the right audience, our platform allows you to analyze profiles according to audience location, demographic, and engagement in order to maximize your campaign’s ROI.

Campaign control

Another great feature of our platform is that everything can be done in one place. No hassle of locating tabs and keeping track of emails. The entire campaign process from start to finish is on You can find and contact influencers. You can communicate to the influencers exactly what you want in their creative. This includes the type of photos, photo content, caption, and hashtags to include. And importantly you can track live insights of the campaign.
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