Social Media Management

Obviously, your pages need to look amazing. But they also need to be relevant to what you want to convey on your channel, always!

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Yes, part of what we do is managing your amazing social media pages - content uploads - posts/stories/textual content/videos, and more. If you want, we can even interact with your customers on your behalf, promote your page organically, and generate a lot of engaged audiences for what you have to say. And most importantly, we'll always keep you ON!

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Creating Compelling Social Media Campaigns

We understand the importance of choosing the right influencer partners to amplify your message and connect with your target audience in an authentic way. Startell specializes in linking brands with powerful macro and micro influencers that deliver results.

Social Media Management

Do you have managed social media pages? Great, let's improve them. Don't have any? Let's create them for you. And let's do something special, something that will make your audience think twice before closing the page. Let's provide real value to your audience. Let them understand that you know what you're selling. And let it always stay in their minds. Always On.

Our Technology

Startell is an AI-based influencer technology platform specializing in data analysis and discovery. Our advanced metrics ensure your brand makes the right choices that will maximize return on investment.